Bonus Club FAQs

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Joining Bonus Club

How do I join the Brewers Fayre Bonus Club?

What do I get with my Bonus Club card?

How will you use my information?

How do I opt out of communications?

If I give you my details, will you pass them to anyone else?

Is there an age limit on joining?

Why haven't I received any additional celebration vouchers?

Your account

Why are my points missing?

How do I change or update my account details?

How do I cancel my membership?

Collecting points

How do I collect points?

I recently visited a Brewers Fayre restaurant and forgot to present my card. Can I still collect the points from my spend?

Can I split the bill and split the points?

Will my points expire?

Can I collect points on meals paid for at Premier Inn?

It was my birthday / I did not receive any offers by email, why not?

Is there a maximum number of points I can collect?

Spending points

What can I do with my points?

How do I get my Bonus Club vouchers?

How long is my voucher valid for?

Can I use my vouchers in any Brewers Fayre Restaurant?

Can I use my Bonus Club vouchers and other Brewers Fayre vouchers together?

Are there limits on the items I can redeem a voucher against?

I had trouble printing my voucher, can I re-print it?

Do I get change?

Can I transfer my points from one registered card to another?

Your Bonus Club Card

Can I use my Bonus Club card in any Whitbread restaurant?

Does my card have an expiry date?

What if I lose my card?

I have more than one Brewers Fayre Bonus Club card. Can I activate more than one at the same time?

Can anyone else use my Bonus Club card?

Can you tell me where my nearest Brewers Fayre restaurant is?

Can you send me a card in the post?